Our story so far.


Our Mission

Channing and I created this website to help first-time ferret owners become educated about the nutritional needs of their pet.

We are on a mission to make sure every ferret is given the best nutrition available from day one.

Choosing the right food for ferrets is tricky. And as a guarantee we will NEVER sell products we do not use ourselves with our own three ferrets.

All revenue generated goes right back into growing The Modern Ferret, whose sole mission was once to change the perception surrounding ferrets and has now expanded to improving the lives of ferrets everywhere.

We need your support!

Our Team

  • haleyportrait

    Haley Pearson

    Founder & CEO

  • channingportrait

    Channing Shattuck

    Cofounder & COO

  • mooseportrait

    Moosetopher Goosetopher

    Creative Director

  • albertportrait

    Albert Albernue


  • newtportrait

    Newty Doody

    Customer Service

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