The story so far.


Our Epiphany: Ferrets are not just a pet, they are a way of life!

Welcome to The Modern Ferret!

What started as a tiny little Instagram 5 years ago has blossomed into one of the largest communities of ferret owners on the planet (1,000,000 strong!), and the greatest purpose I will ever know.

I thank God all the time I met Moose! I don’t think my life will never be the same.

I hope you use this website as a hub of educational resources and product recommendations to make sure every ferret is given the best life available from day one.

Revenue generated goes right back into growing The Modern Ferret, whose sole mission was once to change the perception surrounding ferrets and has now expanded to improving the lives of ferrets everywhere with better education and products.


The Power of a Picture

It’s messages like this that give us meaning: “People ask what it’s like to have a ferret, and I show them your photos.”

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Our International Best-Selling Calendar

Now, we are in our fifth year of creating the world’s best-selling ferret calendar. We have happy customers around the globe in over 20 different countries.

Our calendars give ferret owners the opportunity to celebrate their favorite pet 365 days of the year. There is no greater joy than hearing about the impact our work makes on a daily basis:

“Looking at my calendar is the best part of my day -your photography lifts me from my darkest times.”


Coming to a School Near You

When we are not taking photos and videos of our three ferrets – or writing educational content about ferrets on our blog – we are visiting local schools to educate children about proper pet ownership.

In 2019, we presented to over 500 children.

Support our mission here.