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    A Ferret Owner’s Nightmare

    Last month was a total nightmare for me and my ferret family. I hope this article answers all the questions you have about Moose’s latest health update while providing some useful information to help should you ever experience anything similar. Our Story Begins… For those new to Moose’s story, I’d like to reiterate his health …

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  • What are Chordomas in Ferrets?

    A ferret chordoma is a tumor typically found on the tip of a ferret’s tail. It is the most common orthopedic tumor in ferrets. Chordomas grow beneath the ferret’s nerve cord and can cause compression of the spinal cord. This can cause discomfort and eventual paralysis. Chordomas are often first noticed the size of a …

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  • What is Prednisolone for Ferrets?

    I wrote this article to answer every question I had about Prednisolone when Moose started the medication 1 month ago to treat his Insulinoma. I didn’t understand what the medication did, I didn’t understand why he needed it, and I didn’t realize all the important considerations to make when administering Prednisolone. Because Insulinoma is one …

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  • Helicobacter Infection in Ferrets: Symptoms and Treatment

    This is a detailed account of our own experience with Helicobacter Mustelae with our own ferrets along with pictures and advice on how to treat it.

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