Collapsible Traveling Ferret Pen


Keep your ferrets safe outside!
Looking for a way to keep your ferret safe while they enjoy the great outdoors? Introducing our Ferret Travel Pen!

Features include:

  • Collapsible and Portable
  • Comes with Carrying Case
  • Multiple Fun, Bright Color Options!

*Please allow 10 – 15 business days for delivery to the US.*

Completely Enclosed

Is your ferret a master escape artist? The Collapsible Ferret Travel Pen is 100% enclosed with a zippered top and side door.

Tip: Please never leave your ferrets unattended in the Collapsible Ferret Travel Pen!

ferret travel pen zipping up

A Portable Safe Space

Want to take your ferret on more trips with you but don’t know where you’d keep them? The Collapsible Ferret Travel Pen provides a fully enclosed space for your ferrets to play, sleep and eat -while keeping them out of harms way!

ferret in backyard in travel pen

Spacious Play Area

The available play area is comparable to the amount of space your ferret normally has available in their cage at home so there is plenty of room for everything they need – like potty pads, bedding, and food dishes.

ferret in play pen backyard

Collapsible Design

The Ferret Travel Pen is easy to assemble and collapses into a convenient carrying size for easy storage in your car.

collapsible ferret pen backyard
Weight2 oz

Light Pink, Sky Blue, Bold Red

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