Cozy Ferret Snuggle Cocoon


Our Coziest Hidey Hole!
Give your ferret the best nap they’ve ever had with our gorgeous hygge-inspired Ferret Cocoon.

Faux Wool Interior Lining

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Size: 14in diameter, 5.5in diameter entrance hole


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This item will ship beginning January 2020.

Gorgeous Design

We love this gorgeous chunky knit graphic pattern, printed in a soft grey color palette to fit perfectly with your own stylish home décor.

ferret cocoon sleeping nest

Spacious Interior

The Cozy Ferret Cocoon is over 1ft in diameter making it the perfect size to fit your entire small business 😊 It can comfortably sleep 4-6 ferrets (if not more).

ferrets in sleep cocoon

Great for Bonding

Are you looking for more ways to get your ferrets to bond with one another? A cozy hidey hole is the perfect place for your ferrets to spend quality time together.

ferrets in sleep cocoon

The Perfect Christmas Gift

Wracking your brain for the perfect Christmas gift to give your ferret? With a 1 inch thick memory foam body, and a faux wool interior, the Cozy Ferret Cocoon is as luxurious as it gets.

Give your ferret the gift of luxury this Christmas and watch as they dive head first into their new favorite sleep spot. Their soft little snores and whimpers inside their new nest will be proof that you officially won Christmas this year!

ferret in sleep cocoon
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