Ferret Playtime Tent


Our Favorite Hidey Hole for Adventurous Ferrets!
Looking for more ways to spoil your ferret? It’s time to upgrade your ferret’s hidey hole with the Collapsible Ferret Tent! Give your ferret a new place to sleep and stash their favorite toys.

Features include:

  • Collapsible and Portable
  • Comes with Carrying Case
  • Multiple Fun, Bright Color Options!

Please allow 10 – 15 business days for delivery to the US.

Better Enrichment for Your Ferret

Enrichment is vital to the mental and physical health of your ferret. Did you know that environmental enrichment can even help lower your ferret’s stress levels, aggression, and abnormal behaviors?

The Ferret Tent is one of the simplest ways to provide your ferret with something new and exciting -a brand new place to sleep, hide, and stash all their favorite toys!

Great for Photos

Want to take better pictures of your ferret? Look no further than this ferret-sized tent. The bright colors make it the perfect prop for indoor or outdoor photo shoots.

A Portable Safe Space

Want to take your ferret on more adventures with you? Pack the Ferret Tent in your to-go bag to help your ferret better adjust to their new surroundings. It’s collapsible so it’s ideal for travel!

Pro Tip: Get your ferret used to this tent at home first and then bring it traveling to provide your ferret with a safe space they can trust.

Weight2 oz

Blue, Orange, Pink, Bold Red

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