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PREORDER: DUO // Splash-proof Ferret Food & Water Bowl


Finally, we found a no spill water bowl for free-roaming ferrets. DUO is the 2-in-1 food dish and water bowl solution you’ve been waiting for. The 16oz water bottle automatic feeder keeps your water bowl filled and makes it easy to keep an eye on how much your ferrets are drinking daily.

For those especially persistent ferrets, Duo works best on carpets or mats.

*Duo is NOT designed to be put inside a cage. At a footprint of 16″ x 9″, it is large!


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Ferret size


The no-spill barrier disk is the perfect solution for those naughty little ferrets that insist on emptying their water all over the floor.

Automatic Refill

Did you know that a kibble-fed ferret drinks up to 4oz per day? Let the 16oz gravity-fed water bottle keep your ferrets hydrated all hours.

2-in-1 Design

Duo is both an automatic water bottle feeder and food dish. The no-spill perimeter moat also helps catch any loose crumbs and droplets.

Dishwasher Safe

Duo comes with a removable metal dish and all parts disassemble for easy cleaning. The water bottle is BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

    Miranda Wood
    I really love this, and it works great for 1 of my 2 ferrets. But my other ferret simply knocks over the water bottle. Maybe it's user error on my part with how I'm inserting it, but I've been working with this for a few weeks now. I can't figure out how to insert the water bottle without my second ferret knowing it over.
    PREORDER: DUO // Splash-proof Ferret Food & Water Bowl photo review
    Cara Dyckman
    I like the spill proof lip and the mote around the dish
    PREORDER: DUO // Splash-proof Ferret Food & Water Bowl photo review
    Elissa Bornstein
    It’s easily cleanable. it gives my ferrets easy access to get water and they can’t play in it either.
    PREORDER: DUO // Splash-proof Ferret Food & Water Bowl photo review
    Naomi Steele
    My thoughts: The gradual distribution of water really helps to control messes from splashing in otherwise larger pools of water. It also helps to keep the water from getting dirty with crumbs or hair. The smaller opening seems almost like a natural spring, and my girls took to it right away.
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